Training Schedule & Info

VIRTUAL TRAINING - Yang Cheng Fu & Yang Lo Chan long forms, Two-Person practise, Qi Gong, therapeutic aspects

Online Times, Training Levels, & Tuition Fees

FOLLOW ALONG ONLINE and train with online clips OR clips PLUS Sifu Saturday to learn the long forms of Tai Chi and associated techniques:

Online Clips Training: Yang Cheng Fu long form of Tai Chi. Learn on your own schedule.
Clips membership in Yang Lo Chan long form is available to students who have successfully completed Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi first.
Sifu Saturday - Live online:

  • Beginners. Yang Cheng Fu long form Tai Chi. (Associate teachers in-training may be involved in coaching these classes, at the discretion of the program manager).
  • Advanced. Yang Lo Chan long form Tai Chi plus more complex Qi Gong and push hands/ Dalu practice. Must have completed the Yang Cheng Fu form first.
  • 1st Saturday of every month, online.
  • Automatic access to online clips for between class practice.
Qigenic Tuesdays & Thursdays - Live online classes in Chigenic™ internal energy movement system for advanced understanding and Qi building, which improve Tai Chi practice. 1st three Tues and Thurs of every month.

"In the midst of stillness one comes in contact with movement, moving as though remaining still."

(Yang Cheng Fu, c.1930; trans: Swaim, L., 2005, p. 435.)

Saturdays will revert to Yang Cheng Fu and Yang Lo Chan long form Tai Chi classes.
Tues will return to being for push hands and subtle Qi aspects of Tai Chi. The advanced
push hands in pairs is for experienced Tai Chi practitioners & for trainee teachers who have learned a complete form of Tai Chi. 🌞.
Students who have learned other Tai Chi forms elsewhere and wish to join push hands training are welcome - please email to find out more. NOTE: During COVID-19 times, you will need to practice with a training partner at home. Otherwise, avoid two person training for now and focus on your solo practice.

Please note: Short forms are NOT taught at Ranna® Tai Chi and are not recommended.


Fees for online training are different from fees for in-person training and are auto-billed every month.

Ongoing students pre-pay at the beginning of each month.
New in-person students pre-pay for the first 12 weeks, then on a monthly basis. (When in-person training is available.)
All fees are non-negotiable and non-transferable. A cancellation policy applies.

In-person fees will apply when in-person training is again possible at a base rate of $10.00 / 1 hr ($15.00 /1.5 hrs). Multiple in-person classes per week attract a discount.

Photo: Ranna in Hands Separate movement. © all rights reserved.

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