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VIRTUAL TRAINING - Yang Cheng Fu & Yang Lo Chan long forms, Two-Person practise, Qi Gong, therapeutic aspects

Online Times, Training Levels, & Tuition Fees

NOTE, May 11, 2020: FOLLOW ALONG ONLINE! During these times of Coronavirus, all training is conducted as interactive online classes, real-time via a secure video meeting service.

Contact us to register for VIRTUAL TRAINING in the long forms of Tai Chi. Fees are calculated on a base rate of $10.00 / 1 hr ($15.00 /1.5 hrs). Multiple classes per week attract a discount.

Super Saturdays:
2.00 - 3.30 pm - Advanced Tai Chi including more complex Qi Gong and push hands/ Dalu practice, $15.00 / class;
3.30 - 5 pm - Experienced Beginners, $15.00 / class. (Associate teachers in-training may be involved in coaching these classes, at the discretion of the program manager).
Two-person Tuesdays, 6.00 - 7.30 pm, $15.00 / class: Two-person training, i.e. push hands in pairs. This is for experienced Tai Chi practitioners & for trainee teachers. Must have learned a complete form of Tai Chi. 🌞Students who have learned other Tai Chi forms elsewhere and wish to join push hands training are welcome - please email to find out more. NOTE: During COVID-19 times, you will need to practice with a training partner at home. Otherwise, avoid two person training for now and focus on your solo practice.
Therapeutic Thursdays - 6 - 7 pm, $10.00 / class. Chigenics™ internal energy movement system for advanced understanding, Qi building, and improved Tai Chi practice.

Please note: Short forms are NOT taught at Ranna® Tai Chi and are not recommended.

Ongoing students pre-pay at the beginning of each month.
New students pre-pay for the first 12 weeks, then on a monthly basis.
All fees are non-negotiable and non-transferable. A cancellation policy applies.

"In the midst of stillness one comes in contact with movement, moving as though remaining still."

(Yang Cheng Fu, c.1930; trans: Swaim, L., 2005, p. 435.)

Photo: Ranna in Hands Separate movement. © all rights reserved.

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