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Why push hands?

Practicing two-person work, i.e. push hands -
tui-shou - deepens our understanding of the Tai Chi solo forms… and vice versa.

Through this practice, students gain awareness and recognition of energy. Push hands practice at Ranna® Tai Chi fosters awareness of energy and awareness of the mechanical, physical responses arising within themselves and within their various training partners during the two-person practice.

Dalu, or application of the various parts of the Tai Chi long forms in push hands practice is an ideal way to develop this awareness and recognition. This in turn brings to light their own inner center and their own responses.

The deeper challenge lies in learning better, more refined responses.

"The mutual co-operation of yin and yang is precisely what makes up this understanding of energy…"

(Yang Cheng Fu, c.1930; trans: Swaim, L., 2005, p. 254.)

What we do

We practice a variety of push hands sets and sensing processes to develop better application of foundation movements and principles of Tai Chi, including peng, lu, ji, and an: i.e. ward off, roll back, press, and push respectively, which correspond to the cardinal directions. We also practice working the diagonals, cai, lie, zhou, and kao, which correspond to the ordinal directions.

Yi directs Qi which directs the body.

Photo: Ranna Tai Chi- Push Hands two person training with practice partner. © All rights reserved.

On a deeper, more subtle level, we work towards sensing and being able to direct our practice partner's energy through application of subtle touches affecting their inner physical systems such as their fascia and body-spring, and identifying where their inner structure "broke", thereby disrupting their capacity to remain undisturbed from their posture.

In learning this we learn to neutralize incoming forces, and ultimately,
fajin arises effortlessly and unforced.
Photo: Push Hands (Tsui Shou) two-person practice. © All rights reserved.


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